Common Questions About Bank Syncing

1. Does NeoBudget automatically sync with my bank?

No. There are several reasons why. Mainly because it is impossible to do this feature well. Have you ever used a product that automatically syncs with your bank and does it accurately 100% of the time? We haven't either. The reason is that every bank handles this differently and most banks use archaic decades-old technology. Our philosophy is that if it's impossible to do a feature well, we will not add it.

Automatic sync would also require that you provide your secure bank information to NeoBudget. While it is possible to do this in a secure manner, a better situation is to provide an alternative that does not require private secure credentials. That is what our "Import" feature does, and does well.

2. How can I get transactions from my bank to NeoBudget?

Most banks let you export and download a list of transactions as a file. Export your transactions as a QIF (Quicken) or OFX (Microsoft Money) file and you can upload that file to import those transactions to NeoBudget.

It's true that this adds one extra step that wouldn't be necessary with automatic sync, but it's much more secure since no private account information is transmitted.

3. Will automatic bank syncing ever be added to NeoBudget?

Technology is always changing and improving. There may come a time when this feature is possible. When we feel this can be done accurately and securely, we would love to add this functionality. Until then, our "Import" feature works exceptionally well and is extremely secure.

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