Common Questions About Privacy & Security

1. Can other people see my budget?

Your data privacy is governed by our Terms of Use & Privacy Policy. Be sure to read that for all the details, but in short we do not share your information with anyone except when we have to in order to provide a service to you. For example, we use Stripe to process payments and we obviously need to share some information with them.

We do not, and never will, share or sell your individual budget information for any reason with anyone. This information will be kept private and confidential. We don't currently, but may at some point, use aggregate information to provide interesting statistical information. For example, to figure out the average monthly spend on groceries across all customers. This information will never be used in a non-aggregate form that could be linked to your personally identifiable information.

2. Is my budget data secure on your servers?

We use industry-standard encryption to ensure nobody is eavesdropping on your connection to NeoBudget while you use the product. This is the same technology used by banks for online account management. We also have all of our servers locked down so only our administrators can access them. Your password is also tightly encrypted so not even our administrators can see it. Our servers are updated with the latest security patches every night. We take security very serious.

3. Do you perform regular backups of my data?

To ensure service reliability and data integrity, we have two databases that sync together in realtime. They are physically located in different buildings so if anything happens to one we can switch to the other without any disruption to service.

Each of those database servers also stores the data on several hard drives at the same time. So if any one of the hard drives fails the database can keep running while we replace it with no disruption to service.

That said, we do also keep nightly backups of the entire database. The backup is stored securely in three separate locations around the world.

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