Importing Transactions From Your Bank

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Manually entering each transaction can be slow and painful. A much better way is to import all your transactions from your bank.

First, log in to your bank's website and download your recent transactions in QIF (Quicken) or OFX (Microsoft Money) format. Be sure to select a date range that includes all the transactions since the last time you imported. If this is your first time importing export after the date of your "Starting Balance" transaction we created in the third step of this guide.

Then drag the file you downloaded from your bank into the NeoBudget window. A window will appear that shows all the transactions we found in that file.

Importing 1

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Here you can select which ones to import. Usually you'll want to select them all.

At the bottom of this window are three helpful buttons. They are:

  • Select All: Selects all of the transactions
  • Select Likely: Selects all the transactions that have not yet been imported
  • Select None: Unselects everything

NeoBudget is smart enough to recognize transactions that have already been imported. These will be unselected by default.

Importing 2

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Click on the "Import" button to add these transactions to your account. They have not yet been allocated to envelopes so you'll see a red "Unallocated" button at the top.

Importing 3

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In the next section we'll walk through allocating these transactions.

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