Introduction to NeoBudget

NeoBudget is an online envelope-based budgeting tool. Envelope budgeting has been around for ages but requires the use of cash in physical envelopes. NeoBudget brings the envelope method into the 21st century allowing you to use your debit or credit cards while still budgeting with the envelope method.

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Why NeoBudget?

Most budgeting tools out there are built assuming their users understand accounting concepts. NeoBudget on the other hand is designed for the layman with little or no accounting background. All the concepts in NeoBudget come from everyday life, not from an accounting textbook.

Another flaw commonly found in budgeting software is, quite frankly, they're ugly. We feel that all software should be elegant and beautiful. Rather than seeing list and list of numbers and categories, NeoBudget presents your budget visually with virtual envelopes.

Using This Manual

This manual is organized into several different sections. Click on the links on the left side of this page to visit the different topics. The "Getting Started" section is designed to be a sequential walk-through to help you get started with NeoBudget from scratch. The "Feature Spotlights" section will go in depth on specific features and help you understand how to use NeoBudget to its full potential. The "Common Questions" section answers questions that we are often asked.

Need More Help?

We're very proud of the product we've created. We may be biased but we think NeoBudget is hands-down better than any other budgeting tool out there. Please don't hesitate to contact us at

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